Thursday, December 4, 2014

CD Review: Simon Balestrazzi "Annulled by Inertia" (Diazepam)

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This is twenty one minutes on a mini-CD in a pretty neat case.    It begins with a nicely distorted guitar note, kind of metal, which gets stretched out into drone.   This continues to ring in the background as screechy ringing comes out.   This is urgent somehow but I'm not quite sure how exactly.   Fax/modem-esque buzzing comes through because some eventual sounds of Wall-E and then the sound of lightsabers going through the car wash.

An overall feeling of being in outerspace comes with this even though it hasn't gotten too specifically close to that in sound yet.  (No space lasers for one)   Beeping begins to come out, somewhere between an alarm and just pressing buttons in some other manner.    Static begins to fly around, trying its best to avoid the bugzapper.    Audio clips or spoken words perhaps are found in what sounds like a fax machine but could also be in space now.

Frequencies are changing, but the Wall-E and otherwise robot vibe remains strong.    At about the halfway mark there is some rather harsh ringing.   The intensity grows, louder and louder still.   Nearing twelve and a half minutes and the song begins to fade.   Some crackling static, somehow like water as well, brings us back with some high pitched noises.

The drone of a dial tone carries us into the fifteen minute mark.   Audio clips or the artist speaking can be heard again, but it is so drowned out by the music I cannot make out clearly what is being said exactly.    And right before the sixteen minute mark it just got really loud really quickly.    All speakers are up at maximum volume so one is certain to blow.

As there is much static amongst the airwaves, and also amongst the combined sounds of the lightsabers, this comes to a close in perhaps the only way that it possibly could have and for that the world of music is that much better.

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