Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Casssette Review: smallpox champion "So what are you doing now?" (ooeygooeytapes)

[$3 // https://ooeygooeytapes.bandcamp.com/album/so-what-are-you-doing-now]

I wonder how often someone tells smallpox champion that they won't listen to or review any of his music because being the champion of smallpox is nothing to joke about.   Granted the name should just imply that this person has overcome smallpox, as we all would hope to if we had it, and so it shouldn't be something people take offense to per se, yet you know how PC our society is now.   (I'll probably get a slap on the wrist just for that opening paragraph)

Side A begins with static blasts in space then comes through in ambient synth waves.   It's transcending and there really is no better word to describe it.    As it progresses though you can hear the sound of what I normally consider to be that of a Transformer transforming only it's slowed down.   For all of you oceanographers out there, this next comparison is for you!    Most times I can hear music coming through in waves, and this opens that way even, but somehow closer to the end this comes out choppy and if you know anything about waves in the ocean you can understand the difference between wavy and choppy (Waves can be choppy, but chops can't be wavy)

On the flip side we open with the dull drone of a sound that isn't quite a dial tone but could be a bell tone of some sort.    This mixes into some lightsaber flashes and then high pitched noises take control as well.   It continues in that rapid fire manner which an old detective novel would describe as a splatter of bullets.    "Land of the Lost" sounding synth brings out screeches and we've immediately gone from one universe to the next.    It's the buzzing of an electric razor.   It's the fading in and out because you're Sweeney Todd.    A woman speaks in English but for some reason it sounds like French to me.    Bass explodes in the background like "Tom Sawyer".     It ends after a man's voice joins in on the private conversation.

So while this is somewhat experimental, ambient and all of that you're probably used to hearing all the time on cassettes it is still rather good and if you cannot come up with any movie ideas after listening to this you need more imagination.

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