Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Casssette Review: Shishio "SHISHIO II"

[$5 // https://shishio.bandcamp.com/album/shishio-ii-2]

I'm never really sure what to expect when I listen to new music but I was especially uncertain when it came to Shishio.    How can you place this in a genre based upon its name?  Bandcamp only wants to tell me it's experimental but that could be any number of different sounds.     So I just feel that the best thing you can do with a cassette such as this is simply sit back and enjoy the ride it takes you on.

At the start I can hear ambient synth with some sort of crashes in the background and if you think it's going to stay that course you have another thing coming.   The second song is full on sludge with vocals, drums, guitars, the whole package deal.   I'm listening to it and thinking of Mudhoney and as such wondering how I got from where I was before to Mudhoney and how it has only been one song in change.

When it gets faster in its pace it can bring out a band such as Garrison.   Though it can also take you back in time such as Joy Division and have the slightest bits of U2 in the music as well (which doesn't sound nearly as bad as it pains me to mention U2 in this review)    It can be quiet and ambient or it can be loud and have screaming.

I feel Shishio can change up the sound like that yet somehow the songs still flow together.    Near the end there is an instrumental number with the sounds of spurs and just that old western gunslinger feel.   Anywhere else this might feel out of place, yet Shishio just manages to make it work and feel like it belongs there.

As heavy as it gets and as much as it can make me think of Four Hundred Years it just gels.  I'm not sure how you can read this review and believe it to make sense, but it's that combination of "The Losers" and how all different brands of Lego figures can interact.    It's something that you might not otherwise believe but shines so brightly.

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