Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Casssette Review: Glochids "REmI-X" (Ascetic House)

[$5 // https://glopuntia.bandcamp.com/album/remi-x]

One of my biggest reasons for not reviewing compilations is because if you have ten different tracks by ten different artists then I feel the need to describe every track and artist and it can become tiresome.   While this isn't a compilation it is nine different songs originally by Glochids being covered by nine different artists.

This falls under the category of electronic music, though it has its moments of 8bit and other such electro based genres as each artist sort of brings their own take to remixing the track.    In a lot of ways it does remind me of a diverse soundtrack more than a compilation, such as "Trainspotting" for instance.

These source songs by Glochids all come from a cassette that came out in January 2014 and even though I haven't heard the originals I don't really see that as being too big of a deal because in a world where we can have prequels why not listen to remixes before the original mixes?

Has any artist ever released a remix album before the original source mix?   If not, someone totally should.    So if I'm suggesting this to you, I'm going to say that you should buy and listen to the original songs first but if you have the originals you definitely need this as a companion piece of sorts.    Though in some ways this does just stand so well on its own you could still enjoy it without the original.   I know that I did.

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