Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cassette Review: JustiKe "peculiar...escapades"

[$7 // Edition of 20 // https://justike.bandcamp.com/album/peculiar-side-a]

For all of the rap music that I listen to- and I grew up on it with cassettes, as I'm sure you've probably read at least once or ten times before here- I really find it hard to place JustiKe in an era with other rappers and that might not be a bad thing.

Initially, there is a throwback feel to when I was listening to rap on cassette in the 1990's.   There are these horns and even a saxaphone (which is a wind instrument, not a horn) which adds to the element of the music to make it something more than just rap with beats, in the way that you think of a lot of artists like Nas and most anyone who came after the year 2000 really.

I really wish I knew more about rap music so I could aptly compare this with someone other than my standard go-to of A Tribe Called Quest, but really I'm kind of glad I can't pinpoint this anywhere else.  It definitely has a cassette sound to it though, meaning that I would have been more likely to heard it back in the 1990's than whatever passes for rap these days on a commercial level.

The lyrics flow and the songs are about a number of different topics but there is a reoccurring theme of religion.  JustiKe also admits at one point he believes in God and I'm kind of left wondering how many rappers out there could say the same without sounding like DC Talk.   (Sorry, had to drop that name at least once in this review because I don't know who their modern equal is)

I can say this in closing though:  In some ways, when this does sound more on the modern side of the coin, it reminds me of Zeale and that is never a bad thing because Zeale is one of my favorites.   What it comes down to is that this is a great rap cassette and it is truly in a league all its own, just not like Geena Davis.

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