Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cassette Review: Florence Republic "Afraid of Falling EP"

[$5 // Edition of 100 // https://florencerepublic.bandcamp.com/album/afraid-of-falling-ep]

The first time I listened to this cassette through I had mixed feelings.   Really, the first song was kind of what threw me off the most though because I could hear a combination of Hoobastank and Creed coming out on some levels and that was really turning me off.   The thing is that as this cassette goes on (There are four other tracks after the first) it does get better and just overall reminds me of why I listen to music to begin with.

People could take some of my comparisons in a negative way but the fact that I know them and am able to make them just goes to show you that I listened to them once upon a time.   I can hear bands like Lit and Eve 6 coming out at different times and those are both bands that I've seen perform live and knew every song of by word off of their most famous CDs back in the day.

This also just has that kind of undertones of 1990's not-grunge rock to it, which isn't exactly the Gin Blossoms but is something along those lines and in that sense it could be grouped in just as easily with The Replacements as it could any other band that I named and that has to score some points or at least even out any bad taste it might put in your mouth.

What this boils down to is that despite what I heard coming out at first (And it was coming through it wasn't that the song sounded *exactly* like another band's song) gets drowned out by the greater sound of rock.

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