Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cassette Review: Zke "Death of Miriam" (Personal Archives)

[$5 // Edition of 30 // https://personalarchives.bandcamp.com/album/death-of-miriam]

The only person I can ever think of named Miriam is the mother on "Happy Days".   There must be more, but that's where my mind goes to whenever I see this cassette and its title.

What becomes eventual distorted static noise ala Breakdancing Ronald Reagan and that whole scene opens interestingly enough because it has that static glitch sound yet there is this singing coming out behind it that could be lifted from a solo in the church choir.   It's such a strange pairing but works somehow, especially since it gives off a religious vibe and this title is about death.     Through static distortion and sharp dings, this side then begins to turn the frequency knobs as if trying to find the proper station to broadcast the R2D2 sort of beeps.  (One day I will learn R2D2's language and y'all will be in trouble)   Through some patterns of notes not too much unlike that infamous MOTU keytar I wish was a real instrument, there are some other notes that come out just as dreamy before the eventual pumping of distorted beats and some kind of lasers firing full blast.  

Side B picks up where Side A left off.   This is like dreamcrusher, who is one of my new favorite artists and the fact that they can come to me at the same time and I don't feel as if I have to make a choice between them really says a lot.     This is the glitch of pinball machines.   This is the non-Disney soundtrack to "Wreck-It-Ralph".   This is a flurry of laser blasts.   This is being stuck in the machine with no way to get out.    This is a call from a fax machine.    This is what has been missing from your life.

With some audio clips behind some of these pieces it just adds to the overall experience where you're not quite sure whether technology has overthrown the human race or if technology is just fighting amongst itself.   Either way, you need to be listening to this because it's something about finding the beauty in the madness and all that.

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