Monday, November 10, 2014

Cassette Review: Winters in Osaka / Nacht Und Nebel collaboration


Upon first hearing Nacht Und Nebel on the split with Left Hand Cuts off the Right I immediately wanted to hear anything and everything I could.   Perhaps the only other artist to have as impressive a back catalog as Nacht Und Nebel though is Winters in Osaka and, well, check Bandcamp yourself to see all of the splits and various cassette goodness to make your mind explode.   Having these two collaborate only seems natural, looking back at it now.

This cassette begins with Side A which is titled "Horror Vacui".    Quiet piano and some static skips start things off, but as they are quiet they have this sort of background feature to them.   I can only really relate it with a car stereo and having the settings send all the music to the back speakers and none in the front.    It turns into a harsh static sound and this soft growl of vocals comes through a static drone.    As it then grows as a brewing storm complete with thunder it manages to fade just as much into the quietness that brings us to the ultimate end which is almost nothing.

Side B is another with the title "The Day of the Writing in the Sky".   This begins with some static and then there are sounds of glass bottles clanking around and for some reason it just gives me the visual of being at a recycling plant.    Lightsaber sounds come out next and I'm feeling an overall darkness and emptiness.    It gets scratchy/squealing and there is a strong amount of wind blowing.   This, coupled with the earlier glass bottles, helps me to recall an aptitude test I took which said I should be a glassblower.   Dark piano notes strike accordingly and then all static balloon wind hell breaks loose.   We will only naturally end not with a whimper but with the chaos.    A few words are spoken.

If you have yet to be won over by the sounds of Nacht Und Nebel then this could be your starting point.   If you are following along at home as you should be and like Nacht Und Nebel already because of the LHCOTR split then this will serve as a fitting introduction to Winters in Osaka for you.    These sounds need to be heard.  

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