Monday, November 10, 2014

Cassette Review: Mind of God "Frozen Children's Krypt EP" (Cruel Nature Recordings)

[£5 // Edition of 30 //]

You can never really be sure what to expect from an artist called Mind of God but if nothing else you can at least assume that the name is a nod to a grand creator and as such this music would reflect that.   With two songs on Side A and only one on Side B it makes sense when you listen to it because the two on A go together so well and the third is rather different.

Industrial type beats open up "Frozen Children's Krypt" and it has this early Nine Inch Nails instrumental sound right off the bat but then quickly turns into more of an electronic sound and less of a rock one.   There are loops and an audio clip that says "Walk away from there, okay?".   It's somewhere between the soundtrack to the movie "Go" and the overall feel of a movie scene bank heist (Somewhere between let's say Tom Cruise "Mission:Impossible" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".

The second song opens hauntingly and then goes into drum beats with cymbals and synth lasers.    There are these clicks and much synth so it is not too much unlike the electro feel of the first song.      I can never think of the artists by name to reference when the time comes, but let's say it's something like Raica or Mopfunk.

The third and final song is a synth piano type of trill mixed with vaporwave horns and just some general piano chaos.    Chaos does seem to be the word of the song as it fills with all of the lasers, chopped up audio clips delivered in pieces and static crashes.   It's a scramble of sorts but there are beats and what you need to remember is the ever present piano and horns.

While the first two songs here have more of a standard electronic music vibe to them they are still on par (for me) with the last which is a bit more non-traditional in its delivery.   Had this leaned more towards one of these two sides though (as if to say both sides sounded similar) I don't know if this would be quite as good and it is rather spectacular.

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