Monday, November 10, 2014

Cassette Review: syntax pony "syntax pony" (Oggy Records)


This cassette begins with quiet piano bits that flow into a noisy crowd audio sample and the whispers take us into a rainy static.   While minimally ambient there also exist some dark piano notes which come out strongly, as if with a vengeance.    That sense of it raining maintains, even through some more spoken word pieces (though not as crowded) and the eventual pianos of doom.

An out of tune sounding trumpet begins Side B.   After a brief spoken word there is the sound of scraping static, perhaps like mice.   An audio clip of a rioutous uproar takes us into some sort of drumming or tapping so as to keep the beat.   It reminds me of the audio only on a news brief that might come on during a television show only without all of the fancy warning signals.

After what I perceive to be a saxophone on some sort of "Flight of the Bumblebee" type of mission, syntax pony ends with wild growth like jungle noises with the beating of a wooden block.   In that way it shows the true colors of this color: while it is not always as wild as in its last moments, it is never really tame.

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