Friday, October 10, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Furrow “West Felton” (Bleeding Gold Records)

                Furrow and I will be forever be linked because I was first introduced to their music on the very first Cassette Store Day which was in 2013.    Their cassette release was made free by the lovely Bleeding Gold Records and the exclusives for the day which I was fortunate enough to get were white and the later releases were in various colors.     It was hands down one of the- if not the- highlight of the first CSD for me. 

                Throughout this record my primary thought, despite my love of cassettes and the fact that I first found and fell in love with Furrow on them, was that this is the perfect type of music that should be experienced on vinyl.   It’s rock n roll with that punk edge.   The words are often between the lines of being spoken and screamed.    It’s fuzzy and can channel any number of bands from the bass lines of Franz Ferdinand to Cage the Elephant, the (International) Noise Conspiracy, Superdrag, A Trunk Full of Dead Bodies, Sex Pistols and perhaps most of all Cloud Nothings.

                There are quieter songs that have the FNL feel with possibly piano and a flute (?) but a lot of it is just raw, hectic and borderline thrash.    While you hear the mayhem coming through you can still hear the melody.   For all of the high energy involved in here there is still some beauty.    Oh, and the lyrics.   Yeah, the lyrics will have you singing along.  

                So nearly a year after my first experience with Furrow it’s time to do it all over again.   I’m under the impression that this is being released by Bleeding Gold on cassette as well, and I’m not certain I’ll ever say this again but this is a shining example as to what kind of music should be blared through speakers via vinyl and I don’t know if a cassette can do it justice.

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