Friday, October 10, 2014

RECORD REVIEW: Tunes from the Toilet Vol. 2 (Continuum Records)

                The majority of the time that I feel the need to listen to a compilation on a label I’ve never really heard of before it’s because it has that one artist on it that I like.   In the case of “Tunes from the Toilet Vol. 2” that one artist (at least at the start) is Tanner Garza, as he hipped me to this record (as the kids would say)    Now before we go any further with this as a review, since it is called “Tunes from the Toilet”, I feel the need to share two small stories with you.

                When Tanner Garza first posted about this record, Justin Marc Lloyd wanted to know if there was an artist list.   I asked him if he needed to see one because he wasn’t sure whether or not he was on it, implying that he’s everywhere so he may not even be able to keep track of his releases.   Well, some months earlier, there was also another incident which involved some cassettes, a toilet, Tanner Garza, JML and myself and the JML response to it was perhaps one of the funniest things to ever happen and it just made Facebook completely worthwhile for whatever it does from here on out.

                I’ve decided against telling the second story though, for the sake of those involved and we should best just leave the memories as they are.

                As I looked over the artists on here with Tanner Garza, I came up with maybe ten or so that I knew and had actually heard before I listened to this record.   That would be enough to make a compilation for some people but this record is an astounding 57 artists.  Wow.   And I only knew maybe 1/5 of them going into this.

                With compilations I tend to find that if it’s not that they have just that one artist/song that you buy them for then it’s at least got one or two sort of loser songs on it.   I always remember listening to a lot of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords compilations in my youth and there’d always be that song or two you’d have to skip over because you were just like, “What’s that doing on there?”   Yeah.   “Tune from the Toilet Vol. 2” does not have that problem.

                For as much as I’ve sort of jumped from one artist to the next based upon split cassettes.  (That is to say if I know Artist A and they do a split with Artist B, whom I don’t know, I might then go look into other music by Artist B) this makes me just want to find out and listen to everything I can by everyone on it that I don’t know which is quite a few names.

                So what I’m going to do- because I can- is I’m going to put this quite simply for you.   If you like even one of the artists on here, whether it be Tanner Garza, Sorcerer Torturer, Disleksick, Breakdancing Ronald Reagan or any of the others, then I suggest you put down the five dollars, buy this and never be disappointed again.    This has also given me a sort of new appreciation for vinyl as well, which is something I never thought could be done. 

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