Friday, October 10, 2014

Cassette Review: Babelfishh "Howl Bender" (I Had An Accident)

[Sold Out // Cassette Store Day 2014 repress // Edition of 6 //]

Being familiar with Babefishh I refused to pass up on the opportunity to get one of their older cassettes being repressed for Cassette Store Day 2014.   The only catch was that this would be up at midnight (when I was sleeping) and there were only six so I was pressing my luck hoping that when I woke up in the morning one would still be left for me.   Oddly, I woke up at 7:45 am or so (I forget when exactly) on a Saturday morning, which is one of the benefits (?) to having a toddler and there was one copy left for me.

What I like about Babelfishh is what I continue to find with every piece of music with that name I listen to and appreciate.    The sound can be described as somewhere between hip hop and hardcore, but on paper that would just make you think of Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park or something along those lines and trust me this is not like them at all.

At the times when there is rapping, a flow of lyrics if you will, they can come out somewhere between Kotton Mouth Kings (Are they still a thing?) and Cypress Hill.   Add in to that the fact that they can also resemble some rock bands like Cake and Butthole Surfers and you're about halfway to grasping the quality of this music.

Static glitches, bass string plucks, drumbeats for days and just the overall feeling that this is indeed heavy brings this all together nicely and what a mindfuck it is.   There should seemingly be an easy comparison point for this.   Eminem should have done a song with Pantera (Not even close though, if that had happened) or maybe something from my beloved "Judgment Night" soundtrack, but nothing does quite compare.

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