Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Videotape “Salty” b/w Impulsive Hearts “MDB” (ImpossibleColors)

            As much as I can remember cassingles I really don’t remember there ever being one in this style which is as a split.   Oddly, it seems as if someone out there is either listening to me or at least on the same wave length any way as ImpossibleColors is offering up a sort of Cassingles Club, which should be most rad.  (Each split cassingle is only $2 with one coming out every month, but yearly subscriptions are available for only $20 for a limited time)

            While I am familiar with Videotape I’ve never heard Impulsive Hearts before so this is introducing me to new music and as a Cassingles Club of sorts it should be introducing you to bands you’ve possibly never heard before.   In a bit of “small world” connections, the person who used to run Notes + Bolts Records is doing artwork for what is officially called the Impossible Colors Club, not “Cassingles Club”, though I feel like the word “cassingle” should be added in there.

            “Salty” is easily a radio hit single if I ever heard one, but since I don’t really care about the radio anymore I don’t think it really belongs on there.   From bands such as Fleetwood Mac and Blondie right down to Nirvana and Bush, as well as the more popular comparison of Poe, this song is really good even for Videotape who has always been an exceptional band.    It is dream pop at its finest for sure.

            This is my first time hearing Impulsive Hearts and their sound is not too unlike that of Videotape (meaning they don’t copy one another, but if you are a fan of one, odds are you will be a fan of the other).   In an attempt to best place this in a genre it could be synthwave in the sense that it is rather synth heavy and there are just constant waves of it flowing throughout this other melodic song.

            So what is the first (I believe) in a series of cassingles from Impossible Colors I must say is off to a most impressive start.  I’m not sure how they can top this, though I’m sure they’ll find some way.

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