Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Longitudinal Expanse “Illumination” (Tinnitus Records)

            The songs on “Illumination” are somewhat diverse though they all stay within the same genre of general rock.   If this had vocals in any sense of the word it might be a different story when reviewing this one, but as it is instrumental it adds an entirely new level of awesomeness to it.

            We begin sounding like FNL and with that come the post rock drums.   This isn’t too new in the world of instrumental music but it is being done rather well right here.    Sharp feedback kicks in, building us up to static distortion.   The guitars really start rocking out and it at the same time can be slightly trippy as well.  

            Venturing into a sort of grunge feel happens next, which is somewhere between Mudhoney and Primus only not and, again, you have to remember there are no vocals.   Before all is said and done it turns out being somewhat of a classic funk sound and I’m just amazed that I’ve never heard these sounds played this well before and yet they have done so with the absence of what is sometimes the biggest component in these genres.  

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