Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Flesh Vomit “Eradicate”

            When this cassette begins with screwed vocals I wondered for a second whether or not this meant taking a trip into hip hop land, but the vocals faded overall as did my notions that this might be something outside of the genre of noise.

            Side A is a continuous sound of distorted static.   This is what I often relate to as being stuck in a wind tunnel, or perhaps the eye of the tornado, but somehow it doesn’t really make me want to watch “Twister” and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

            On Side B (each side is a song, by the way) the static begins a little bit quieter.  It then turns into waves where the water of the waves is replaced by static.   In turn, this all sort of culminates with that Return of the Jedi Atari 2600 sound where ships are blasting through space and sometimes opening fire upon one another.   It concludes with bits of sharp feedback.

            I’ve never been big on labeling music because I feel it’d be a cheap way to review it.   Rather than explaining the sounds that I am hearing and how they mesh together, I could simply say that this is “staticore” or whatever word someone might produce to describe this sound that can be heard by other artists but Flesh Vomit lends its own unique voice to so delicately.  

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