Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Sunshine & Gasoline “The Village Candlemaker” (Pastel Voids)

            For my third venture into Pastel Voids, I end up with something that doesn’t sound at all like either of the first two because it just does not have that electronic quality to it.   It begins with magical static whirrs with some sort of sirens over them and, yeah, this is some kind of experimental noise but not on the electro side.

            There is a lot of static.   A. Lot. Of. Static.   

            At times, this also can sound like a failing engine, quite possibly easily most related to that of an automobile, but I’m sure it could be applied to other engines as well.

            Unlike the first two cassettes I listened to from Pastel Voids, this one does have a Side B and just seems to be overall put together a little bit better.  As I look back at it now, I kind of wonder why the two halves of Metropol and Dream City didn’t make a whole but they probably weren’t the same length, right?   Still, Pastel Voids is doing some wonderful work as are their artists.  

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