Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Metropol “Morning Light” (Pastel Voids)

            What begins with electronic drum machine type of loops continues with the same sort of claps.    Throughout the five songs I can hear such other artists as Fatboy Slim and 2Pac ala “Changes” coming through, though this really does have its own feel to it. 

            I can’t tell whether or not there are audio clips in this or if it is singing, but I like to think of them as audio clips and thus this remains instrumental.  It was sort of what came to mind upon my first listen, so it just stuck with me regardless of how I might feel afterwards.

            My Side B of this cassette was blank (All the songs were on Side A I suppose) and the levels on it are somewhat quiet to the extent that you’re going to want to turn this one up a little bit louder than your normal setting for cassettes.   Somehow I also hear this slight hint of Talking Heads near the end though, on the last song, and that somehow makes everything all right.  

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