Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dream City “Rave Shadows” (Pastel Voids)

            This is my second release from Pastel Voids and apparently I should have been listening to them for a while because this is their eighteenth release overall.  Dream City reminds me of Metropol in some ways, but it also goes up and above that sound.

            There are these spatial elements within the songs that make me think it could be some kind of –wave and as it progresses I can only choose synthwave slightly over vaporwave (Though, really, if this was on Illuminated Paths, vaporwave would be a given so don’t quote me on any of that, thanks)

            Really nice sounding bridges take us through some clanky parts which sound like dinging somehow.    Jungle beats come out as well as some audio samples and it does remind me of a slightly different Metropol but still within that same vein.

            Additionally, this has no Side B (the audio is better though) and Side A cuts out early, but hey, what can you do?   Containing music into something like a cassette block of time just sometimes cannot be done as neatly as I would like and I’m okay with that.   

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