Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: MEAH! “Entertainment for Men”

            When this starts off as a slower version of Nada Surf, I’m fairly certain that I’m in for a garage rock treat and I am in no way disappointed.    From Weezer to Husker Du, this begins to kick in quite heavy and as an EP it is a total of four songs with two on each side.  

            Through elements of punk, I can hear Cage the Elephant.  There are also patches of fuzz and one of my biggest comparisons on the second song is that of Pavement.   More Weezer comparisons come out, only this time targeted specifically to “Pinkerton” era, and then some Modest Mouse, Dynamite Hack and even some Zeppelin riffs for good measure. 

            Overall this is just a good rock cassette that could fit right in with the Juniper Tree Songs crowd and that’s such a great place to be.   The music seems to have a more serious tone to it (This isn’t that sort of frat rock at all) but it still does manage to be rather fun.

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