Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Black Foliage “V.” (Two Headed Records)

            Upon listening to the first song on “V.”, Black Foliage sounds like a version of Neon Trees meeting The Cure.   Imagine that one Neon Trees song that was always on the radio but I somehow don’t recall the name of (“Animals”?) and combine it with “Friday I’m in Love”.   Though we return to the vocals by the end, the instrumental journey in between is an interesting one to say the least.

            Side B opens up with some nice guitar loops which are rather abruptly cut off for whatever reason.  This gives way to the sounds of birds chirping before the vocals return with drum machines.   There is a decent amount of tape manipulation in here and when it is at its rocking best it could be somewhere between The Beatles and The Verve as well.

            At the urge of playing devil’s advocate though, I must say that some listeners might be lost within the borders of this cassette, wondering what happened to the vocals and in terms of the rock quality of it there were some leanings towards the pop side of things that were rather dashed upon the experimental emergence. 

            While I enjoy this immensely, I just recommend you listen to more than just the first track before passing judgment as it might lose some listeners during its spell.   Hopefully anyone reading this won’t be lost because I tend to think people reading this are like-minded and thus smart.   If you listen to it in its entirety though, you might just find that you do enjoy it too.  

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