Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: dmvssm / Sascha Müller "Katzentod / Katzencounter"

            This is a split cassette between Sascha Muller, and this is my second time around there, but it is my first hearing dmvssm.   I’m going to go backwards with this just because of how much I feel I want to write.

            Side B is for Sascha Muller and it’s an audio clip on repeat and very little else.   I cannot tell you exactly what the audio clip is saying as I believe it to be either in German or at least with a thick German accent.   It’s something about being cut, tortured and sex.   Those are the only pieces I can really pick out and the whole idea of it is rather strange but I haven’t heard anything like it before so listen to it at least once before answering machine messages become a new genre.

            The first side of this though is by dmvssm and is quite fun.   This isn’t from the United States, so I wonder what “dmvssm” stands for exactly because we have the “DMV” here, which is the “Department of Motor Vehicles”.   The music reminds me of some 8bit-core sounds like Atari Teenage Riot before incorporating some shots fired, the build of Pole Position, R2D2 blips and some crashing that could be close to glitch.

            As much as it sounds like electronic music it has that industrial sound to it as well, which channels the likes of Front 242 and the static skips, whooshes, loops, robots and hollow caves of early Nine Inch Nails.

            So the first side of this is quite good and energetic for that matter, while the second is a little bit calmer and more interesting because you feel like you’re stuck on an endless loop with propaganda being spoken over speakers in the streets of your once thriving hometown.   Still, an experience you should have at least once.   

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