Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Hakobune / Oliwa / Former Selves / Panabrite “Oceanic Triangulation” (Inner Islands)

            Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie this is not something I’ve ever seen before.  There are four artists here and when you have them in your hands it looks as if it is two different cassettes each with two artists as a split.   In reality though, this is sold all as one deal—two cassettes, two cases, two j-cards—and is really more of a fourway split than anything else I suppose.   So now I start it at “1”, as they are numbered thankfully, and we begin with Hakobune whom I have never heard as well as Oliwa and then we end on the Former Selves and Panabrite cassette, and I’ve heard both of those artists before (and am a fan!)

            The first cassette of Hakobune and Oliwa is just all around ambient with hints of FNL.  There are strings with Hakobune but not so much for Oliwa, as that is more of the sounds of tones and just elongated into a drone sense but your typical idea of it.    The whole feel of it is celestial and just peaceful as you’re listening to it under the impression you’re at a day spa.   Oliwa does conclude with some darker guitar type of notes and beats though, and that adds an interesting twist going into part two.

            Former Selves are cassette darlings and they begin with this building, booming type of ambient.  It is the audio of an angel’s glow.   Back and forth Masters of the Universe synth sounds play and then actual piano pieces come out.   It is very pretty and that’s not a word I like to use but I do feel as if it fits here.    It can slow down and have various progressions, resembling Illegal Wiretaps on the whole, but overall it just does a nice job of leading us into our final movement.

            Panabrite is hitting clean up here as synth drone ala Casio comes out with the sound of water dripping.  It is triumphant and even a little 8bit before we hear a flute and then the crashing and rattling of pots and pans.   I’m not sure how the second half would tie into it exactly but the first does make me think of The Legend of Zelda and that’s never a bad thing. 

            While each of these artists is their own, I don’t know what went into creating this but I do understand now why it is being sold as it is.  You need to listen to all four of these pieces in succession and from start to finish to truly experience it the way that it was meant to be heard.   And, no, that doesn’t mean you can just put on one of them at random or stop halfway through at some point and expect to get the most out of it still.  

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