Tuesday, October 7, 2014


                Living between New York City and Boston is a constant reminder of people who commute between the two daily or even take a train to Washington DC.   As this cassette from Sascha Muller is nearly ninety minutes in length (It is on a C90 and covers almost all of it),  I feel it would be perfect to listen to on such a commute.

                What begins as almost the game of Pong turns into electro laser loops and then fast paced drum machines.   It calms down a little bit and then can sound video game-like again but more so of The Advantage than standard 8bit if that makes sense.   We experience a series of gongs ala For Whom the Bell Tolls before Side A closes out with some tings. 

                Side B begins with what sounds like space wars.  The beats are building to rhythmic proportions.  It’s a little bit of Knight Rider and a whole lot of Run Lola Run.  Stadium synth then takes us into a more funky synth sound ala Ghostbusters.    A carousel of audio clips ends us out and this is one of the finest electronic releases I have ever heard.

                It seems to me that if you take the best electronic music releases of the last five years (but not the EDM or radio sort of stuff that people know best—the real kind) and you put the best pieces of it all together to form one sort of super mega sound that is what Sascha Muller is doing here on “SSREXTRA27-1” and it is not to be missed. 

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