Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Arvind Ganga “Saraswati”

            Arvind Ganga is a noise artist that uses multiple instruments to create a sound that is along the lines of Jay Peele and all of the other artists I have related to Mr. Peele recently, but this is also a sound all of its own.   I’ve always been a fan of music when you can’t quite place what the instrument is but you have ideas, as well as the equally neat feeling of hearing a sound but knowing that it is being made by some other means and Arvind Ganga does both of these things most excellently. 

            We begin with what sounds to me like some sort of noise manipulation that I cannot quite place.  It turns into the static that comes with the changing of a radio station and then there are erratic electric guitar notes, the likes of which you could make in Garage Band on your iPhone if you just move your fingers rapidly (Both I and my two and a half year old son have done this, though he does it better than me)    There is this scratching sound which almost sounds like scraping and then some dinging goes along with the rattling of the pots and pans.

            Side B takes us on a journey more with glass bottles to start off and then it goes into these strings that I cannot place but the closest instrument I can put it to would be a harp though I know that’s wrong.   (It’s some kind of table-like guitar I can picture in my mind but just don’t know the name of exactly)   Sounds of stretching come out next and it’s just this overall idea of running the guitar pick down a guitar string and back and forth in various ways.  

            It is only after the fact when I think about it that I also can imagine the sounds are being made by the rubbing of a balloon.   Still, these are the sounds you cannot place but can put to perhaps the wrong source and that is why I like them: things that sound like things but are not those things.  

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