Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cassette Review: Perfect Villain "now we darkly glow" (Centipede Farm)


The name Perfect Villain makes me wonder how closely the artist likes to stay to it.  At a time when Nirvana was blowing up with "Nevermind" they went into the studio to record "In Utero", an album in which all of the levels were off and just in general was made to hopefully deliberately turn off the listeners.   As "Now We Darkly Glow" opens with some electro-computer type glitch sounds I'm wondering as well if Perfect Villain is trying to fight off unwanted fans.

As much as this sounds as if it is looping, it also sounds like it's stuck.   There are moments I'm thinking of rap and other moments when I hear what could be described as the vocal styling of Wall-E.    Through lasers, lightsabers and Wookees this has a definite Star Wars sound before an open guitar comes out with screwed vocals.   On some levels, I feel as if this is 8bit as well, yet this whirring guitar synth is out to make fools of us all.

Static, Megatron vocal sounds (no words), masked vocals (like Jigsaw) and Wookee cries take us through Side B.   It's odd because Side A leaves some empty space where as Side B simply cuts off after what I like to call the screaming banshees.

I'm not entirely certain that this was designed to push listeners away as I sat through it without a problem and do enjoy it, but it is that strange mix of different elements I enjoy coming together to almost make a super noise cassette which just sort of defies all other noise or electronic music or 8bit or whatever that came before it.   I'm in love with this so hard.

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