Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cassette Review: Distant Trains "Teen Lust" (Centipede Farm)


As best my memory can recall, I have heard Distant Trains twice prior to this and those were both as halves of splits (One was a cassette, the other a 7")   In both of those instances I don't seem to recall Distant Trains as having vocals, but I do believe this to be one of the earlier recordings and there is also quite a lot of Distant Trains music out there to be found so I'm not going to stress about it.   I mean, I could listen to twenty or so Illegal Wiretaps releases before I realized they weren't strictly instrumental so in no way is this unheard of by any means it just sort of caught me off guard.

What begins with an audio clip transitions into a clunky rock band that for some reason reminds me of Cracker.    Violent Femmes can come out a bit here as well as Cloud Nothings and I'm just all around enjoying the rock that's sort of heavy and sort of grunge but not really either elements.    Hints of Neil Young and even Tom Petty can be found in this as I can describe it as poppy-type garage pop rock, which is so strange to think considering the other Distant Trains music I've heard and reviewed.

Through the channels of Beck we also can find some pretty and melodic guitars inside this kabuki karaoke and as we flip over to Side B it begins with a distorted, thundering bass line ala The White Stripes.   This loops into an eventual drumbeat which brings the vocals back in and that reminds me of something between the movie "That Thing You Do!" and "Hurley" era Weezer.

Just when you think you've got it all figured out, enter the reggae riddim type of guitar before taking a turn for the darker side of instrumental music which could be related with Black Sabbath.   Overall, as various as this seems to be on paper it all still comes out under the genre of ROCK and I do enjoy this as much as it seems to be different from what I thought I knew about Distant Trains.

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