Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cassette Review: Hidden Persuaders "The Bone Forest" (A Giant Fern)


Something about cassettes recently seems to revolve around 2am Tapes.   First, there is a new Vales cassette out (which is the only cassette I reviewed from them) and then now we have Hidden Persuaders who also have a cassette on 2am Tapes and now I want to hear it even more.   Don't think that says anything bad about A Giant Fern though, because there are cassettes for Roadside Picnic and øjeRum as well as a German Army record in their store and that truly says something about them.

"The Bone Forest" begins with rattling and clanking noises.   In this way it is almost like a machine gun that the sounds come through.    There are breaking beats like a trash compactor followed by feedback and steps which start to make me think more of a boiler room somehow.    It could be static glitching but it also is just a general sort of ruckus.

Side B opens with static stops and starts.   There is a general feeling of doom with some lasers and it takes me from my earlier locations to that garbage room scene in Star Wars.   Electro loops and clanks make way for this to end with synthy woo's and I'm just overall digging this as a venture into space and the journey it takes me on.

I've listened to this a number of times now and I feel that no matter how many more I listen to it I would never quite feel like I'm on the same space mission twice and for that it is truly a thing of beauty.

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