Monday, October 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Lake Disney “Lake Disney” (Infintesmal Records)

            I’m not entirely sure what the story is with Lake Disney, in terms of if there is a lake somewhere near Disneyland or Disney World and as such Walt Disney used it to drown kids or whatever… I don’t know.   There is likely a story behind it and one I would like to hear, but it will have to remain undisclosed at this time as I don’t feel like looking it up as to turn it into part of this review.

            Right away, Lake Disney comes out with some piano and sounds like The Church to me.   This is strange because I do believe that there is such a thing as “church piano”, which is kind of like an organ but mostly just the sound one makes when playing the piano in church because when I think of churches I think of them and how there isn’t really a much more standard instrument there.   So don’t be confused by the idea of that and the actual band known as The Church, okay?

            On some levels, I think of this as being new wave, but the more you listen to it the easier it becomes to link it closer to post punk, whatever that means because punk is still alive.    It has those hints of Breakfast Club that I like and in its finer moments channels the sound of the Casio keyboard as well.   Triumphant synth takes us to that next level and this just all around is a lot of fun wrapped in some seriousness.
            Listening to Lake Disney for the first time reminds me a lot of the first time that I heard Illegal Wiretaps.   As Illegal Wiretaps are one of my favorite bands and have so much music out there, it is only natural for me to hear them in a lot of other artists, but for all of my time spent listening to them and other music I don’t believe I’ve ever actually heard something on par with them before now.   Not only does that demonstrate how truly rare and unique Lake Disney is but also their stellar level of talent.  


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