Monday, October 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Hand Sand Hands “The Shipping Forecast EP” (Infintesmal Records)

            With the title of this cassette it is hard to think of it in any way other than referring to a giant boat transporting something across the sea.   “The Shipping Forecast” would indeed sound as if it was a prediction based upon weather conditions to get goods from one end of the ocean to the other and the music is really what backs up my belief in that.

            There are dark strings and somewhat of a folk quality to these songs, but then they also take a turn to the sea shanty side of things.  Several different noises appear that could be mistaken for seagulls and on the whole the only bands I can really compare this with are Modest Mouse (who often sound as if they are on a sinking ship) and Akron/Family. 
            In that regard though, it could be said that this also does sound like the band Sunken, but it does just serve to create its own sound that is a combination of others unlike I have heard before and for that it is true awesome.  


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