Monday, October 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Mr. Magick “ocean V: Byron Bay” (Ocean Records)

            “Byron Bay” is a cassingle from Mr. Magick and while it is instrumental in nature it has all the makings of something like vaporwave but perhaps not that genre specifically.   I mention vaporwave because I could certainly see Mr. Magick fitting in nicely with Illuminated Paths, but I also do believe it could be part of Chill Mega Chill and thus could even go to the further subgenre known as chillwave.

            Both songs- different, yet similar- have beats but they also bring the funk.  It is smooth with a capital V.   The tones that come out are pleasant and this is just a pleasure to listen to overall.   It really reminds me of any number of artists I used to listen to in my “Spotify Review” days, though I cannot remember any of them by name. 
            The difference with Mr. Magick though is that many of those artists who have become forgotten just seemed somewhat simulated and looped in their delivery, almost what I like to think of as perhaps being forced upon the listener.   Mr. Magick seems much more genuine in the delivery and not as if the songs are trying to buy any votes.   I’m not trying to say anything bad about the other artists who I forget the names of and thus cannot mention, but Mr. Magick has already left enough of an impression on me that I won’t forget the name and that speaks miles about this music.  


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