Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cassette Review: hiyohiyoipseniyo "la dinamo turgent mou els príaps de foc" (Centipede Farm)

This unique and rather odd cassette begins with a man speaking in a language that is not English (As I speak English, it is foreign to me, but as this is from another country this could get complicated if further thought upon) and then it is being translated by a woman into English.  Such questions are asked as "Are you the child Kora?"  

Now in my time listening to music of this nature, I'm not certain I've ever heard anything quite like this before.   There are static glitches, sure that's been done before, but they are taken into loops and rhythms that they make some fairly steady beats and somehow manage to bring a sense of something to a genre that I've never quite heard before.

Imagine thinking that something could be only one way.   Imagine hearing a piece on the piano and thinking it could never translate to another instrument, such as a harp or guitar.   Then imagine that even thinking such things is unheard of, so you don't really ever consider them and one day it just presents itself to you.

I'm not certain how all of this came out the way that it did, but it is certainly way ahead of its time and taking music as a whole to a completely new place.   It's everything you know about everything that you like about music, yet so much more.

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