Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cassette Review: Ghosts of Dead Tables / Bonehole split (Centipede Farm)

Prior to this cassette I had never heard Ghosts of Dead Tables before, so once again I find myself being opened up to new artists via the split, as I have listened to and reviewed Bonehole previously via a digital album on Centipede Farm.   (Ah, Centipede Farm.  Is there anything they cannot do?)

The first half of this is for Ghosts of Dead Tables and it begins with this mix of humming and Wookee synth with little machine gun beats here and there within it.   There are some distorted patches as well as lightsaber sounds and on some levels I just like to think of it as being a microphone on the wall of a bee stuck inside a microwave.    Through harsh modem noises mixed with some electro and sharp feedback we get into sirens and static.   It's loud and sharp with the stops and starts of the Nine Inch Nails album "Wish" and somehow yet still the fax modem.

Bonehole kicks off the second side right quick with distorted static.  There are laser battles and this is just the overall sound of destruction.    Some melodies manage to surface, but this is mostly just the soundtrack to some terrific horror movie.   It's Transformers, Darth Vader and windy all at the same time.   With whooshes and scratches it somehow ends with water dripping.

As with most splits, I'm rather pleased that these two artists seem to go together so nicely.   I really do believe that this cassette has made me realize I'd rather have a split where the artists seemed more like the left glove and right glove as opposed to them being completely the same (same glove) or just too far apart.

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