Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cassette Review: Anji Cheung "Angelic Black"

[£4 // Edition of 93 //] 

Sometimes when I listen to music it's hard for me to place exactly what it sounds like and it has to come back through a series of channels before I feel as if I can accurately portray it for you.   With "Angelic Black" my problem is not with trying to tell anyone what this sounds like but rather them then knowing what I'm talking about.  

Through ambient guitars to start we have some FNL sounds which really just resonate.   This brings us into spoken words and I just feel like I'm on some sort of cosmic journey.   For reasons I cannot fully explain I'm thinking of David Bowie.     As Side A comes to a close there are distorted guitar chords which fall somewhere between Bush and Nine Inch Nails, though are closer to NIN since I can hear pieces of something like "The Day the Whole World Went Away".

Side B begins with heavy static with slight notes coming through it.    There is feedback and I'm drawn to that Atari version of "Return of the Jedi" sound.    Parts come out next that somehow mirror "Amazing Grace" and then there is somewhat of a singing part with somewhat of a spoken word one.    It all breaks down into a distorted mess with mumbled talking trapped inside the chaos.    As if intentionally to mess with my head though it all ends in a rather quiet manner.

In reality this reminds me a lot of the score (or soundtrack I guess, since there were never actually any standard songs) to the short-lived television series "Jeremiah".   If you've ever seen that show or happen to be a fan as I am then this should all fall into place quite easily.    If not then you should really listen to it anyway because it is a fine display.

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