Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cassette Review: Kyle Landstra "Dream Array" (Twin Spring Tapes)

[$7 // Edition of 75 //]

Ever since I got a copy of "Resonant Futures" from Moss Archive I have been hooked on the music of Kyle Landstra.   I was unable to get a copy of "Synchronicities" before it sold out, but digitally it still holds up for me and as such I'm up for any music that anyone puts out by Landstra.     So when I saw this cassette on the new releases from Bandcamp I immediately bought it, something I rarely do with cassettes but knew I couldn't hesitate on this time around.

"Dream Array" is slightly sharp with those Darth Vader sounding waves and elongated synth tones.    Slowly it builds into this intergalactic force I cannot quite place but it is both a relaxing soak in the tub and an exciting space adventure wrapped into one.    It picks up with these sort of beats into an almost "Miami Vice" sound and then Side A just cuts off abruptly.   It is at this point that a cassette does something that I've yet to hear done before- Side B picks up where Side A left off.   Though it might seem as if this is a sign that this particular piece of music was not meant to be on cassette or perhaps needed to be spaced better the fact is it just somehow works.

As Side B continues from Side A, it does eventually turn into this MOTU key type of sound before getting quieter with birds chirping.  I always wonder whether there is a program out there that creates the sounds of birds (I know that there is a keyboard pattern for it, geez they have one you can download for different farts) and if artists use that but I just always imagine instead that the recordings are done in nature and are genuine.

Following some uplifting tones "Dream Array" concludes with guitar patterns which remind me most of the infamous opening to "Baba O'Riley" by The Who.     While this stands the test of listening when awake perhaps the best way to experience this cassette is to listen to it when asleep and try to remember the dreams it generates.

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