Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: trishahewesaile "Dread Dead Dog Dream"

            After hearing trishahewesaile on the split with Girl 27, I have now resolved to listen to (and review) all trishahewesaile music possible.   There don’t appear to be any physical releases, which kind of surprises me (Someone should have put this onto cassette by now), but I started with what I believe to be the oldest piece of music, or perhaps even the first, and am going to go from there.

            “Dread Dead Dog Dream”, a tongue twister with a lot of D’s, is static and electronic like Nine Inch Nails in some way.   There are harsh glitches and triumphant gibberish.    Weird strings come into play and sound almost like frogs.  Synth tones are next, and there are 8bit beats.   The drum machine adds a strange element of pop and there is also some pretty piano.   Even though it isn’t as typical as you might think, I like to call it piano annihilator.    Whispers fill the void and there is harmonious synth.   Ambient hues give way to an increasing drum beat which sounds like a basketball being dribbled.  We end with doot doot doo’s. 

                As I look at Bandcamp now I realize that this was placed last in the order, so I felt like chronologically it would have been first, but rather it is the second release of 2014.  The first release, “Rain Patterns”, is from 2013 and then “Railheader” is from January of 2014 so this is probably the third release from trishahewesaile overall and I’m realizing now that my attempt to go in order has failed and I’m not sure whether or not I want to correct it.   Still good though, and still needs to be released as  a cassette by someone. 

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