Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: The Fathers “The Fathers” (Fort Evil Fruit)

                This is about twenty minutes in total, so it’s one of the shorter Fort Evil Fruit releases of recent memory.  There is guitar noise, some static and other bits too.   Through some clanking there becomes a sort of space and whirr frequency going on.   It’s a Pink Floyd laser show mixed with the “Price is Right” game of Plinko.   

                The second track, which would be the proverbial Side B, begins with laughing and talking to indicate that it was recorded live.  There are more space whirrs for sure as well as Flight of the Bumblebee noises, other various tones and it just has an overall sharp feel to it.  

                Though this would ideally be a C20, it feels a lot like a cassingle in the sense that it’s this brief sampling of what The Fathers are all about and what they can do.   I definitely would like to hear more.  

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