Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Anne Laplantine “Selected Internet” (Powdered Hearts Records)

                This cassette is sold out, hence if you want to hear it in its intended format you’ll have to buy it second hand or possibly wait for another pressing.   In the mean time, you can at least stream this one via the Powdered Heart Records link above and it might even be available for download somewhere out there.   (There is a Soundcloud link on the above page link that might help you out too)

                What begins with quiet singing, not with words but in a Bobby McFarren way, has tones somewhere between piano and guitar.   It becomes quite melodic and then somehow compares to Smashing Pumpkins, though I’m not entirely certain how it does it.  It has a MIDI vibe to it, but it also sounds like one of those albums people make for babies (If you have a baby or do an internet search, you can find a number of different bands presented in this way—I shit you not—and the results are remarkable) 

                Pieces of new wave party mixed with 8bit come out as well, which reminds me slightly of Oingo Boingo beats.   It could be something from Field Hymns or “Eye of the Tiger” and even when the vocals and drum machine come into play it still solidifies itself as being 8bit pop in my mind. 

                Sometimes this can sound like it’s covering a pop song and sometimes it’s between a definitive synthwave and symphonic feel.   Either way, this is just an excellent piece of music that must sound brilliant on cassette because even as a download I am loving it.  

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