Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Sindre Bjerga / Nils Rostad “Live at Moving Furniture Records HQ” (Moving Furniture Records)

            This is a live split and I really feel like taking two sets by different artists and putting them together is a great concept, especially when one set might not seem long enough to justify filling an entire cassette.   Though this has the Sindre Bjerga side at 26:30 and the Nils Rostad side at 15:12, so it makes for an uneven cassette, but you get the idea.   (This is actually available as a CD, but I always like to use cassettes for reference)

            Sindre Bjerga starts us off quietly ambient.  Through some static fog there is a slight building that creates an organ or church drone feel.   The sound of a cassette player loading perhaps, slight lightsabers and some crackling static as well.  Some kind of scraping comes out next, much like that of on concrete.  Around 22 minutes in it goes back to the sound of where it started.   The humming drone as the lighter version of the lightsabers returns as well before all is said and done for Bjerga. 

            Nils Rostad (Who I am not trying to do a discography for, as this is my first time hearing him) starts with some guitar string plucking and rattling.  It’s a pretty standard guitar based piece, which we’ve heard before and there is a cassette out there somewhere that sounds similar to this (Go look it up in the reviews.  I’ll give you a hint: It starts with the letter A)   And then it gets into a classic, flamenco type of sound like Desperado.   I’m not saying that the work of Rostad is bad, it’s just a version that I only really remember hearing once before so that’s why it sticks out so much for me as such.

            None the less, two excellent displays from two talented artists and a great addition to your hopefully ever-growing Sindre Bjerga collection.  

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