Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Gypsy Cab Company “Zoetrope” (Little League Records)

                Having the name Gypsy Cab Company gets you reviewed on a website called Raised by Gypsies, but being available on cassette is just icing on the proverbial cake.   Now trying to tell you what this sounds like because it’s probably not what you would hear inside of a gypsy cab is the true challenge.

                This is piano rock in the biggest possible way.  It’s Elton John meets The Fray, but I’m okay with that somehow.  There is a synth bog on the second song with beats and ahhh’s.    Vocals come into play and I can hear it as being somewhere between that Fray sound and Maroon 5 in an almost radio rock genre.  Hints of Interpol and They Might Be Giants come out before this also takes turns towards Blue October and Animal Flag (especially on “Bathroom Surgery”).

                I’m not really as familiar with radio rock as much as I should be in a pop sense, but the question with this remains whether it is good or just a clone of one of those bands.   As I can relate this to certain bands- and I did- I cannot seem to name that one specific band, such as “Oh, this is definitely ripping off _____!” and so in that way I can only conclude that it is that good.  

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