Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Breakdancing Ronald Reagan “Trip Metal”

                From what I gather, this is one of the newer Breakdancing Ronald Reagan releases but for whatever reason it’s not going to see the light of day physically.  Who knows, maybe after someone reads this review they will be inspired to release this as a cassette and if they do count me as the first one in line to buy a copy.

                I feel like I’ve listened to so much BRR that I don’t know how much I’ve listened to any more.  There are various reviews posted throughout the site, but I’ve heard stuff I’ve never even written about for various reasons.  This has steady beats, Transformers vocals and electro glitches.   There is sharp feedback and it is staticly distorted.   There are sirens and it becomes industrial in a way like Nine Inch Nails also. 

                There is what I perceive to be an audio clip of a real ho-down of a country song complete with slapping for some reason, and then some angry voices give way to an audio clip about skullfucking (I kid you not).    Through elements of “Kill Bill” this just offers up what you would want from BRR, but perhaps not what you might expect because it isn’t just an example in futility.   

                I have a certain level of expectations going into BRR because I can say that about any artist I have heard before, and once again this has gone above and beyond that so you can expect it to be everything you’ve ever wanted it to be and more.  

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