Thursday, September 4, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: energy drink “Christopher Moore’s Album”

                If your artist name is “energy drink” then you should be somewhat energetic and this does not disappoint in that respect.   There are beats and electro vibes as it’s 8bit Droid meets Wall-E meets funk meets R2D2 and Ferris Bueller.    Side B has sonic booms, clanky car electro and hints of Cakewalk as well.

                My biggest question with this, perhaps, was finding out what it had to do with Christopher Moore exactly and what novels of his it might link up with.   As I’ve read most of his work (big fan), I was waiting to immediately jump into something and say “It’s that!”, but I can’t so maybe you can.

[Editor's Note: The Bandcamp link no longer works, but energy drink can still be found on Facebook and has apparently relocated to Soundcloud] 

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