Thursday, September 25, 2014

CD REVIEW: The Smile Case “Angel Beach” (Blacktop Records)

                There are few bands any more that are just loud and raucous that you don’t really know what to expect from them or their music other than to turn it up loud and hope not to blow a speaker.   The first time I saw Liars they had that unpredictable quality to them, but they have since fallen out of my favor and become much tamer.   I also felt that way about Recover and wish they still were around because an otherwise boring music scene could use a healthy dose of them.

                To say this CD by The Smile Case is loud would be an understatement.   It’s Coyote Shivers meets the Hold Steady and while I’m not exactly the biggest fan of either of those two musicians individually they somehow have their better qualities extracted to form this all around kick ass band.

                Vocally at times this can sound like Tom Waits, which is never a bad thing by any means, but it’s just that good old fashioned wake up your neighbors rock n roll that was meant for a younger generation because the older crowd wouldn’t get it and would only want to turn it down. 

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