Thursday, September 25, 2014

CD REVIEW: Bob Bucko Jr. “Trilogy (Disc 1)”

                This “Trilogy” collection from BBJr. was to serve as a tour CD in the sense that when he played live shows they could buy it as a sort of sampling of his music.   The interesting thing about it, just from this first disc, is that there are songs from each of his earlier releases and that’s sort of like pieces of his various albums coming together to form this one sort of super album.

                Now there are many artists out there that when I find them on Bandcamp I look at their catalog and go, “Whoa, that’s a lot of music”.   I don’t know where to begin listening and in some ways I can’t start at the beginning because sometimes some of the early releases if they were released physically have since sold out. 

                With Bob Bucko Jr. I feel now you just need to start with this CD if you’ve never heard him before and then try to quickly jump in and pick up his releases as you like them and discover them before they sell out.    In that sense I don’t think of this by any means as being a compilation or a “best of” type of CD but rather a guide to how to begin listening to the music of BBJr.

                And if you like music that is guitar driven and somehow manages to combine the feel of Black Sabbath with Robert Rodriguez then this could be perfect for you—and that’s only based on the first couple of songs because there is just so much more to explore and then so much further to go from there even to dive into this entire catalog.

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