Thursday, September 25, 2014

CD REVIEW: The Courtesans “1917”

                For some time, I’ve been waiting to review this debut album by The Courtesans.   I initially donated to the cause back when they had such a thing going on Pledge Music.  I thought maybe I was being scammed somehow because it took a year or so before I actually even got a download of the album.   I’ve been listening to the download non-stop, but now that the CD has finally been pressed and is in my hands I will give you my thoughts on it.

                First off, the reason why this seemingly took so long from day one to now is because it needed to be remastered and all sorts of things like that, which is always fine by me because why release something unless if it is perceived as perfect in your mind.   I can completely relate to that and this was definitely worth any amount of time you had to wait to hear it.

                The Courtesans, at their heart, are a rock n roll band with big, heavy chords and a lot of power.   They all have immense talent individually, yet when they come together they seem stronger.  (This is where I could compare them to the Power Rangers and a Megazord, but I won’t)    The thing is that, regardless of whether or not you like this music and as much as you can say “Yeah, it sounds like that only not”, there is no denying the pure genius behind it.

                Very rarely do I hear an album that has this quality to it.  On one hand, it makes me think that at least one of these songs should be on the radio and I should have bought it after seeing a video on Mtv but then I remembered it was 2014 and wondered how this isn’t a band touring mega-theaters all over the world, releasing their umpteenth album of songs that you can add to an otherwise impress resume. 

                Part of it is, yes, that this feels like it’s been with you all along.  It’s not familiar necessarily based upon other artists, but it does feel like an old friend you’re seeing again for the first time in a long while.  (That is if you like people and all that, which I really don’t)    “1917” is just so much bigger than anything else you’ll ever hear.    I have listened to far too many albums and not known their greatness until maybe ten years later or so when they stuck with me.   “1917” has that feel like it’s been with you for ten years already so you instantly realize its greatness, its timelessness and then just overall the beauty of it. 

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