Thursday, September 25, 2014

CD REVIEW: Left Hand Cuts off the Right “Menuthias”

                Regardless of how you feel about compact discs (and I have my own feelings for sure as well) you have to appreciate when you find an artist you love and then their music takes over a number of CDs as well.   You can hate CDs more than me, sure, but you’re going to want to play these ones really loud because sometimes they still do serve a good purpose.

                When this CD, “Menuthias”, begins there is a swarm of locust worth of static.   This is coupled with some Transformers-esque industrial noise and gives way to computerized screams.   8bit high pitched bits dominate as we hear the sound of modems fighting.

                There is also this low, foghorn type of whistle noise that comes out every so often.   Through magical lasers, helicopter whirrs, squeals and the sonic doom of static, LHCOTR has this video game vibe going on that I just cannot seem to place.   As with the cassette I reviewed before this though, I love LHCOTR in the same way that I love sushi:  I don’t have to know what is in it for it to be good. 

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