Thursday, September 25, 2014

CD REVIEW: Left Hand Cuts off the Right “Cresap’s Landing”

                This CD is four songs from Left Hand Cuts off the Right but they are some long opuses if nothing else.   It begins with dark drone hum and then some tones.  It becomes mechanical of some kind, and then loops like a propeller.  There are elements in here of an Alfred Hitchcock score but then also a slight hint of that Knight Rider rattle.

                Distinct sounds can be heard to keep the beat, but they sound like someone is bouncing a ball rather than anything traditional.   But really, there isn’t too much that can be called traditional when it comes to LHCOTR and I’m just fine with that.   At this particular point in time, I’m just happy to listen to anything created under this name and you should be too. 

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