Thursday, September 25, 2014

CD REVIEW: Eon “Ethereal” (Phalænia)

                This is a full length album by Eon and what a full length it is!  It is rather long, but that’s okay because first hearing Eon as part of a split cassette has made me hungry for more and this has helped to ease my appetite.    (Although perhaps I should not be mentioning food right now, as their split was with Fecal Vomit)

                We begin with some scrambles, and then also find ambient whirrs and footsteps.  There is an overall setting like this is taking place in a boiler room and for some reason I imagine it more closely to being the boiler room setting of an old WWE Attitude Era video game as opposed to an actual boiler room which I have never been in.

                It gets haunting with some hollow glass sound.   We literally begin scraping the barrel (not in the way that the cliché is meant to be insulting) Through the sharpness we get clanking noise and air.   Static blasts, whirring loops and some knocking rhythmic beats take us into waves.

                Someone once told me that Guinness was the meal of beers, meaning that drinking it was like eating an entire meal.   I’ve never really found that to be true because I can drink Guinness like water still, but in many ways I do think of this CD as being like a meal in the sense that there is a lot of it and it can be rather filling.   It is such a great way to follow up (or accompany) the split cassette. 

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