Thursday, September 25, 2014

CD REVIEW: Left Hand Cuts off the Right / TCH “Łódź/Preston”

                It’s kind of funny, but I was discussing the initial Left Hand Cuts off the Right cassette that I reviewed with the artist- about getting it sent to me- when I was reviewing a TCH split cassette that had me copying the link from the Bandcamp and thus seeing this thinking about what a small world it is.   As I look at it now, some time later, I see that TCH has put a halt to his musical project and has something like ten releases out there that I’d like to review all of eventually. 

                Additionally, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to and reviewing LHCOTR and so if you’ve been following along at home and listening to these cassettes (and eventual CDs) as I have suggested, then neither of these two artists should come as much of a surprise to you and you should marvel at the greatness of this split much the way that I do.

                LHCOTR sent this to me as a CD, sure, but one day I plan on hopefully buying this one on vinyl because it is just that good and is such a mandatory piece of music to eternally intertwine your LHCOTR and TCH collections. 

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