Thursday, September 25, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Luciernaga “Tile”

            What begins with a point of sharp feedback and dialtone drone becomes covered in guitar notes and eventually an onslaught of guitar distortion.   When I thought that Side A was ending there were these small “tings” being made but it actually did come back for more experimental madness after that. 

            There are moments of that Star Wars sort of drone waves pattern that once you hear it you know it going on to kick off Side B and this just on a whole goes to show you what can be done with various instruments but in such a simple way.   Saying it is simple isn’t an insult, it’s just that I hadn’t thought for quite some time about just how much goes into a single guitar chord until listening to this cassette.

            That Return of the Jedi Atari sound of synth waves in and out on a constant loop for most of Side B.   There are some almost beeping tones that make their presence felt and it reminds me a bit of the old “Halloween” theme song more than anything else.  (Though there might be a bit of “Unsolved Mysteries” in there as well) 

            Overall this is some really good drone put to loops and I just feel like I got caught in the loop and cannot break free as I just want to keep listening to this one over and over again.  

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